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Create Links Inside Your Photos
You have a photo of your family. Each person in your family has their own website. You want to make it possible for your website's visitors to go to your family's websites by just clicking on that family member in the photo. This is what I'm going to show you how to do.

Add a MySpace Slideshow to Your MySpace Profile
Adding a MySpace slideshow to your MySpace profile is really easy and will only take a few minutes. Your MySpace slideshow will include your MySpace photos. Choose from a couple different styles of MySpace slideshow for your MySpace profile.

Add and Manage Facebook Photos
Facebook is more than just a place where you can post information about yourself. You can put your photos on Facebook too. Share your photos with friends and family and order prints of your photos from Facebook.

Add MySpace Avatars To Your MySpace Profile
Add a MySpace avatar to your MySpace profile. You can add a MySpace avatar anywhere in your MySpace profile. A MySpace avatar is a little picture you can add to your MySpace profile to add personality to your MySpace profile or to make your MySpace profile make a statement.

Adding Photos To Your MySpace Profile
If you have a MySpace profile you can add photos to it. Adding photos to your MySpace profile is easy. This tutorial will walk you through how to add MySpace photos.

Add Images To Blogger Blogs From Your Computer
Want to add photos to your Blogger blog but don't want the hassle of uploading them first. Here's how you can quickly add photos to your Blogger blog right from your new entry page.

MySpace Avatars for your MySpace Profile
Add personality to your MySpace profile with MySpace avatars. MySpace avatars are little pictures or graphics you can add to your MySpace profile to create a message or add some personality. You can add MySpace avatars to any part of your MySpace profile.

Using Pics Hosted Elsewhere on MySpace
When you create a MySpace site and you want to add photos you can link to photos you've stored on another site.

Using Pics Hosted Elsewhere on Blogger
When you create a Blogger blog and you want to add photos you can link to photos you've stored on another site.

Blingee.com - Add Glitter and Animations for Photos
Blingee gives anyone the ability to easily add custom animations to their digital photos. Blingee's free service, offering hundreds of thousands of animations to chose from, lets users turn any picture into a dynamic statement of self-expression.

ComBoost Photo and Slideshow Modules
"Free interactive slideshows for personal Web Sites and blogs. All managed from ComBoost Photos and automatically updated inside Site, so that it is really easy to use. Possibility to create photo albums, pdf albums, and convert photos..."

FaceFilter Studio
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