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Why Post a Webcam On Your Web Site

6 People Tell Why


Lots of people put up Webcams and you can view them over the Internet. Some of the Webcams are of wonderful places that you may have thought of visiting at some point in your life and some are of people working or playing.

  • CatCam
    "I set it up in 1996 September (CatCam was certainly not the first, but back then there weren't very many webcams), primarily for three reasons: One, I like my cats; two, I thought it would be fun to see what they were doing during the day while I was at work; and three, I thought it would be interesting to go through the steps of setting up a webcam. The camera drivers were already available, but I wrote the software (not that complicated, admittedly) that takes the images, timestamps it, and puts it up on the server securely."

  • Jessica & Anabella's Webcam
    "I began because I bought a cam to show my family, that is really far away (in France), how we are getting older and the kids growing. Then I notice that I really don´t use it too much so I searched for another thing to do with it. As I already have a huge page with tons of hits I decide to give my visitors the chance to see what we are doing and what Argentine girls looks like"

  • Hamster Cam
    "I put the hamster cam on my site because I thought it would be interesting to see what the hamster did while I was at school. The hamster attracts all sorts of people not just adult men (which make up the majority of net) to my site. Also I thought it would be good for people who want a hamster, but are allergic to them or parents won't let them have one."

  • Al's Dark Corner
    "I like attention. And when I discovered last summer that webcams were affordable, I thought I'd try it out. I had just begun to learn how to make websites and needed something to bring traffic. It sure did the trick. As for WHY I publish a good portion of my life on the web...as people are fascinated with the lives of strangers, I in turn am fascinated with that fascination. The fact that so many people out there care the slightest bit about what I am watching on TV or why I don't hang my clean laundry is just mind boggling. I have been told by less than polite visitors that I am a self-centered weirdo. Okay, I can live with that. After all, how else would you explain the giant "Me Festival" that is AL's Dark Corner? hehe Bottom line, it's just fun."

  • GabGab CamCam
    "Well, the reason I put up a 24-hour, live webcam site is quite simple, really. As a proud owner of a pair of binoculars, one long range telescope, a telephone/police scanner and a good shot glass to press against the wall at the first sign of life in my next door neighbor's apartment, I'd have to say I'm a well-equipped voyeur. Mostly of the mundane. Unless the mundane happens to become interesting -- like the neighbors have a fight or the lady across the street is doing her midnight aerobics in the nude with the shades up again.

    So, when webcam technology became available, of course, I was immediately hooked. And it wasn't soon before I realized that I could actually turn the tables and let other people do to me what I was doing to them for years -- peer on in. So, I did. As a result, I've received an overwhelming amount of email from people discovering their own voyeuristic side and who never realized how fascinating it is just to watch an ordinary person at home or work just doing their thing. I have a hunch that it puts their minds at ease to know that they're not the only ones watching TV and eating take-out alone on Friday nights or pulling especially uncomfortable wedgies out of their rears; ) And if that can make those people just a little bit happier and more at ease with themselves, then I'm honored to be able to provide just one more webcam for that purpose."

  • Geek Camera
    "why do we bother putting up webpages? i don't really know why i do it sometimes, but i can't get away from it. i love to design, to write, to create a work of art. i like to make things look nice.

    i don't know why i put so much work into a personal page, sometimes. i really put too much work into it, it seems. i use it as my playground for designing. i used this place to practice and expand myself. it's my toy, it's my hobby, it's my lifeblood.

    of course, it also has another reason. i'm supposed to show you, the web viewer, a little insight into my life. showing you an insight into my life means what, however? what do you want to know? why do you care where i'm from? why do you care what i do? why do you bother reading this?

    if you're like me, you don't know why you're reading this. but you are and it interests you. there's something about seeing what other people are up to, thousands of miles away, that makes you interested. i don't know why i read so many personal pages, but i love them. they interest me. they pique my curiosity. they're real."

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