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Webcam Set Up

Build your own personal webcam. Find out how to buid a webcam with tutorials and decide which camera is the best for you.

Video Chat Made Easy With MeBeam
MeBeam is a quick, easy way for you and your friends to get together for a video chat. When you want to video chat using MeBeam you can just go there and start chatting. There is nothing to download to use MeBeam. Just go to MeBeam and start your video chat.

Stickam - Social Networking With Live Webcams
Now you can meet other people and watch with live streaming video at the same time. Stickam is a social networking site that lets you put up your own live webcam and chat with each other. You can also browse the site and see who's online and maybe do some people watching. You need to know a little about adding a webcam though. The instructions are not that clear.

How to Set Up a Webcam Page
You have the camera and the software, now you need to knoe how to set up he page. Set up your own webcam page with these simple instructions.

Buy Webcams For Your Web site
Webcams are fun to add to your Web site. Buy a Webcam for you or someone else, or both, and chat online or add it to your Web site for fun.

Why Post a Webcam - People Tell Why They Use Webcams on Their Web Site
Six people tell why they put up webcams on their Web sites. Webcams let you see what people are doing at home or work while they go about their lives. These people tell you why they like webcams.

Creative Webcams - Set Up a Creative Webcam
The Creative Webcam Ultra and the Creative Webcam Notebook Ultra are two very easy webcams to set up. They are also full of options and fun things and ideas you can use your webcam for.

Webcam Shareware Software for Your Mac
Make the most of your webcam with these Mac software options. Freeware, shareware and donationware you can use to get your own webcam online.

Webcams Watch Your Every Move
Three webcam models that you can consider when buying a webcam. Logitech QuickCam Orbit, Creative's WebCam NX Ultra and Logitech QuickCam Messenger. They are priced from $50 to $150.

Lights, Webcam, Action - Serious Magic Visual Communicator Software
Pretty good but not simple software for creating a webcam page.

Steve's Big Webcam Adventure
On top of this being a great story about why someone would get and set up his own webcam this story also tells you about the software he used and why he used it.

A Snappy, Go-Anywhere Webcam
Review of Intel's Pocket PC Camera. Lists for $149.

Microsoft Gets Chatty With New Webcams
Create photo blog entries on MSN spaces with these cameras.

Webcam Developers
Get the low down on all the uses of a Webcam and then get info on how to set one up for yourself.

Webcam World
Learn the different Internet methods to get different results.

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