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Top 10 Blog Hosting Sites (alphabetical)


There are many blog hosting sites on the Web where you can write your blog and have it hosted for free. Here are ten blog hosting sites that have the tools to make yours a great blog. These blog hosting sites let you add photos, videos and more to your blog.

1. Blogdrive Blog Hosting

Create a blog that is more like your own personal Web site with this blog hosting site. You can add photos, colors and anything else you like.

2. Blogger Blog Hosting

Add your thoughts to your blog every day using this blog hosting site. Add photos to make it better. Get comments from other people to find out what they think.

3. Blogstyles Blog Hosting

This blog hosting site offers templates to help you create a blog and make it in the style you want. You don't have to go through the hassle of downloading graphics and designing your pages, use their templates and let them do it for you. Not a blog hosting service.

4. iAlmond Blog Hosting

Create a homepage, blog and add photos. Your readers can also add comments to your photo blog when you sign up with this blog hosting site.

5. JoeUser.com Blog Hosting

Create your blog, add posts and add photos to your blog using this blog hosting site. Track articles and user responses too.

6. LiveJournal Blog Hosting

Write stories or keep a blog online. Your blog can be completely private or you can share it with the world. Blog entries can include photos and music. Create a mini biography for your blog to make it more personal with this blog hosting site.

7. MindSay Blog Hosting

Create your own blog in a minute with this blog hosting site. Add photos too. Security settings to help you keep your blog private if you want to.

8. Newblog Blog Hosting

As far as social networking sites go Newblog is very basic. The photo album is limited and finding friends is not made easy. The blog on the other hand is fabulous. With their blog hosting site you can even break your blog entries into categories which is a unique characteristic among social networking sites.

9. Open Diary Blog Hosting

Get your own public or private blog with this blog hosting site. Add photos, change colors, backgrounds and just about anything else to make it look the way your want.

10. 20six Blog Hosting

Blogging with photos and templates. Get a guestbook too so your readers can leave comments when you use this blog hosting site.
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