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Blog Hosting - Get Your Own Blog

Get your own blog with one of these blog sites. Write about anything you want on your blog. These blog sites will help you.
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Top 10 Places To Write Your Blog (alphabetical)
There are many blog hosting sites on the Web where you can write your blog. Here are ten blog hosting sites that have the tools to make yours a great blog. These blog hosting sites let you add photos, videos and more to your blog.

Blogdrive - Free Blog Sites
Create a blog that is more like your own personal Web site. You can add photos, colors and anything else you like.

Blogger - Create Your Blog Now
Add your thoughts to your blog every day. Add photos to make it better. Get comments from other people to find out what they think.

Blogstyles - Designs For Your Weblog
Templates to help you create a blog and make it in the style you want. You don't have to go through the hassle of downloading graphics and designing your pages, use their templates and let them do it for you. Not a blog hosting service.

JoeUser.com - Weblogs for the Average Joe
Create your blog, add posts and add photos to your blog. Track articles and user responses too.

LiveJournal - Simple To Use Blogging
Write stories or keep a blog online. Your blog can be completely private or you can share it with the world. Blog entries can include photos and music. Create a mini biography for your blog to make it more personal.

MindSay - The Blog Network
Create your own blog in a minute. Add photos too. Security settings to help you keep your blog private if you want to.

Myspace.com - A Place For Friends
Create a custom profile, add pictures, write blogs, send mail and IM's.

Newblog, a New Way To Blog
As far as social networking sites go Newblog is very basic. The photo album is limited and finding friends is not made easy. The blog on the other hand is fabulous. You can even break your blog entries into categories which is a unique characteristic among social networking sites.

Open Diary - Real Life, Write Life
Get your own public or private blog. Add photos, change colors, backgrounds and just about anything else to make it look the way your want.

20six - Weblogs, Blogs via the Web
Blogging with photos and templates. Get a guestbook too so your readers can leave comments.

Xanga - The Weblog Community
Get your own fully customizable blog. Upload photos, post blog entries, format and customize your posts and pages. Connect with friends.

Write long entries even if they span several pages. Enter your entries by writing what you want to say and clicking a button. This software makes creating a weblog easy.

These are categorized into groups by what they are about. Sign up and get your own weblog now and join a community at the same time.

BlogExplosion - Blog Community
Blogging community where you can create a blog about anything you want and have other people read and comment on your blog.

Diarist.com - Free Online Diaries and Blogs
Get your own online diary or blog for free. It can be private or public and you get a short domain name to go with it.

DiaryLand.com - Easy Online Diary
Create your own online diary and add entries easily. Lock it up to keep it private or leave it public so others can read it.

The Facebook - For College Students
A way for college students to keep track of friends, friends friends and other things. Find out who's on Facebook at your school and get in touch with them.

Greymatter - Weblog / Journal Software
Completely free and opensource. Easy to use and includes lots of options for you to use.

Health Diaries: Health Information With Personality
"Health Diaries is a community of health-related diaries and blogs. People can start their own diaries or just come and read others' diaries to glean first-person health information."

iVillage Blogs
iVillage is a place for women. If you want to blog about dating, children, motherhood or anything else women are interested you can put your blog here.

MindDeposit.com - Take Blogging To a Deeper Level
"MindDeposit lets you take blogging to a deeper level. To take your creative, inspired, fleeting thoughts and make them meaningful, transformative and enduring. We designed this free site specifically to help you develop, cultivate and create, or even reinvent, your "self"."

Mocha City Blogs - Blog, Photos, IM
"The Mocha Members Directory allows members the ability to share photos, create blog journals, communicate with instant messaging, group chat, and build personal web pages."

Movable Type - Web Based Weblog and Journal Publishing
This is free as long as you are using it for personal use only. Great for Web sites that get updated frequently like online diaries and photo journals. If you donate a fee you will be given special privileges.

Typepad Blog
Design features so you can have a good looking blog. Easy to use tool so you can change the way your text looks. Helps you connect your blog to the Web. Receive and manage blog comments.

Vibe Journal - Drag and Drop Blogging
"Vibe Journal is a cross between a personal web page publishing solution (infused with rich-media content) and a video content aggregation service. Ideal for novice and advanced users alike, Vibe Journal creates a truly personal media space for consumers."

Vox: Explore, Create, Connect
With several different security options you'll be able to have a happier blog. Add your photos from Flickr and create an Amazon sidebar, add audio from your computer and video from YouTube.

WordPress - Free Blog Tool and Weblog Platform
WordPress blogging software will help you easily create a free blog about anything you want.

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