1. Technology

Block Adult Sites

Stop your child from seeing things he/she shouldn't be seeing online with this software.

Block Adult Sites

Sometimes personal sites have adult only material on them. How can you keep your kids from seeing unseemly material and photos.

Content Barrier

Set different settings for multiple children. Keep track of what they did while they were online. (mac only)


Restrict instant messages, email and sites.


Rated #1 by PC magazine 2003.

KidSafe Explorer

A browser just for kids. Keep them safe by having them use this browser when they explore the Internet.


Disallows certain types of emails from getting through. Age specific settings.


Monitor and restrict or control your children's Internet viewing.


Free. Create different settings for each child.

Wise Choice.net

"Wisechoice will simply kick them off the net if they try to delete the filter and we also offer and accountability feature for no extra charge that will email the parent or caregiver whenever the kids start trying to get to blocked sites."
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