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Web TV

Create a Web Site


Create a Web site using Web TV. Using WebTV's Site Builder you can create a personal Web site using Web TV.

If you view the Web with WebTV you might not be able to see all the bells and whistles that someone using a computer can see but, "the Internet is not only for the rich who can afford the latest and greatest" as I was recently told. This statement is right to no end. The Internet is for everyone and everyone has the right to create their own special space here. That's why WebTV came up with PageBuilder. They know that a lot of the people who come online with their service will eventually want to delve into the realm of Web paging.

For those of you who don't know, PageBuilder is the program that allows WebTV users to create their Web pages and put them online. The problem with this program is that it doesn't allow for much control over how your pages look or act. That's why there is also an advanced editor in PageBuilder. This option allows you to use HTML so you can get a better handle on what your page is doing and how it looks.

Of course, PageBuilder is not the one and only way for a WebTV user to create a Web page. They can do it almost anywhere and they can do it just as good as people with their fancy new computers can. WebTV has continual upgrades and some WebTV users are able to do more that others. Some can see and do quite a bit and their Web experience is surprisingly similar to those on computers. Beyond the PageBuilder application a lot of WebTV users do not realize that they have another alternative. You do have other alternatives!

They have the increasingly popular option of building their Web site on a free Web site hosting service. Just because you see the Internet through your TV does not mean that you are obligated or stuck using only the WebTV service to place your life online. You are free to use other services to this purpose.

All you have to do to create your Web site on a free Web page hosting service is sign up and get started. You can use the templates just like everyone else can. Each hosting service is different so you may need to check with different ones to see if you can use theirs but if they have templates there is a good chance you will be able to use their service.

Even if you can not upload your own graphics there are always tons of clip art online for you to use. Or you could have someone else with a computer scan your graphics for you. Then they can either upload them for you or email them to you and you can upload them. If have them email them to you then you must make sure that the files are under 200,000 bytes and not zipped or your email client may not be able to handle them.

If you can't upload with your system then check out Beth Candy's Complete Uploading instructions to learn all the ins and outs of uploading graphics with WebTV. Beth's SiteMap of WebTV Help Pages is a great site to go to whenever you need any help with WebTV. You will learn how you can use color and links on your pages, how to add counters and how to store graphics. The place to store your graphics online is called Web Scissors. This site is great because you can save graphics right off the Web from any site you want. If you still need more help with graphics then you can try the PageBuilder Image FAQ.

So there it is. Some basic help and some options to get you started building your Web site online. Now you to can let the world see just who you really are.

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