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Cut, Copy and Paste Your Way To Better Documents

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Writing can be a very fun and relaxing thing to do and has even been known to relieve stress. There are many different reasons to write such as stories, biographies, research and Web pages. These days when people do their writing it is usually done on a word processor or computer. Because of this there are new rules and new ways of doing things when it comes to writing.

When writing any type of documents on your computer there are some basic things you need to know. This refers to Web documents too. When learning to design Web pages these things come in handy and are very simple to do. They also save you a lot of time and typing. One of the most basic things is knowing how to copy or cut words from a document and paste them somewhere else.

Being able to cut, copy and paste in your documents adds a new level to your creativity. Now you can change your mind about the placement of your sentences and words and in a matter of seconds and just a few clicks of the mouse you can have it fixed instead of having to rewrite the whole thing.

Copy/paste is easy. Take your mouse pointer to the beginning of the text you want to copy and hold down your left mouse button (that's the one you normally use). Then drag the mouse pointer to the end of the text you want to copy. This highlights it. Let go of your left mouse button. While holding your mouse pointer over some of the highlighted text you will need to click your right mouse button (that's the one you don't normally use) and a menu will pop up. Go down until "copy" is highlighted then click on it. You have just copied text.

Now go to where you want to put your text and click once. The cursor is now where you want your text to start. Now click your right mouse button (that's the one you don't normally use) and a menu will pop up. Go down until "paste" is highlighted then click on it. Your text should magically appear.

Congratulations! You have just copied and pasted text. Don't forget to save your page or it may magically disappear.

If you want to cut the text out of where it is in your document and move it to somewhere else this is done the same way as copy/paste except that you click on the word cut instead of copy. Be careful when you do this that you don't accidently copy something else before you get a change to paste it elsewhere or everything you cut out will be gone for good.

You may be wondering what typed of programs allow you to use cut/copy/paste. Just about anything that uses text. If you see something on your browser that you want to copy onto a text or word document you can. You cannot cut or paste on your browser but you can copy. Programs such as word pad or MS Word that you use specifically for writing text allow you to do all three. All of the Web page editor programs also allow you to do all three.

Once you learn to do this writing and Web design become much easier. You can use this to copy/paste a great code you found into your page and then edit it to make it yours withour having to type the whole thing yourself. Or you can copy parts of your pages onto some of your other pages instead of rewriting it on every page. What are you waiting for, start writing and have fun!

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