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Top 5 Free Anime Clip Art Sites


Decorate your site with FREE anime clip art. Some of the anime clip art characters you will find are from cartoons like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Card Captors, Final Fantasy, Digimon, Hello Kitty and more...... These sites were picked based on overall design, amount of clip art and quality...... Don't forget to follow the rules. Never direct link, some want you to mention their site, some want links to their site. Check before using anything.

1. GS & OAG Anime Graphics

Well maintained and updated often. This anime clip art site has a lot of what you are looking for. There are banners, icons and backgrounds but there are also signs, buttons, cards and much more.

2. Fuu Megami's Anime Web Graphics

Sweet, pretty site and the anime clip art are the same way. Pretty girls, pastel colors and flowery drawings.

3. Completely Random Anime Downloads

The first thing you will notice when you go to this site it the background. I'm not quite sure what it it, but it does set the mood for the site.

4. Hello Kitty

Page full of Hello Kitty clip art. Animated clip art, static clip art, all sorts of clip art all having to do with Hello Kitty.

5. Snow Flower Graphics

These anime clip art designs are fun, cartoonish and cutsie. There are page layouts that can make for a good kid site and buttons and banners too. The GB maps are really good too.

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