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Linking To and Fro - HTML Links

External Links using HTML Links


When creating a Web site there are several things you MUST have on each Web page. HTML links are one of those things. HTML links do a variety of things for your Web site. Without HTML links you can't have a "Web site" and you can't show your visitors more information on the subjects that you are interested in and want to talk about.

There are 3 major types of HTML links; external links, internal links, and links within the same page. Adding each of these types of HTML links to your Web page is done a little bit differently.

External HTML Links

External HTML links are those HTML links that go to another Web site. If you place HTML links to About.com, or another Web site you like, on your Web page that would be an example of external HTML links. Having external HTML links on you Web site is very important because if you have a good set of HTML links that your visitors are interested in it will keep them coming back to your Web site to access those HTML links. For example if you have a set of HTML links on Star Trek and they really like Star Trek then it would be much easier for them to come to your Web site than to go looking through a search engine for the sites they want. They they may even bookmark your Web pages so they can get to your HTML links faster thus resulting in more page views for you. If they like it that much they may even tell their friends about your pages of HTML links and their friends will place HTML links to your Web site from their Web sites. Result: even more page views.

The code for external HTML links looks like this:

<a href="http://www.sitename.com"><b>Text for HTML links goes here.</b></a> Anything extra you want to write goes here.

So if you where putting HTML links to my home page it would look like this:

<a href="http://personalweb.about.com"><b>Personal Web Pages</b></a> - Your place for links to personal Web pages.

This is what HTML links will look like on your Web page:

Personal Web Pages - Your place for links to personal Web pages.

Now I am going to break this down for you so you understand it better:

<a href= - tells your browser to start HTML links.

"http://www.sitename.com" - is the HTML link itself and must be closed with another >

Text for HTML links goes here. - is where you put the text that you want someone to click on to go to HTML links.

</a> - closes HTML links and tells your browser to go back to text mode.

<b> and </b> - tell your browser that you want the text in between these two codes to be in bold letters. You do not need to use this if you don't want your text in bold.

Anything extra you want to write goes here. - this is a good place to describe the place that HTML links will bring your visitor to.

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