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Create and Store Podcasts With Gcast

Make Podcasts, Find Podcasts, Store Podcasts, Add Them To Your Web Site

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Create and Store Podcasts With Gcast
Gcast Podcasting is a site that lets you create and store podcasts. If you have podcasts that you like and want to listen to again and again or add to your Web site that you can use Gcast to store them. Using code from Gcast you can even add your podcasts to your Web site.

What is Gcast?

Add podcasts from the net that have been created by other people to your podcast playlist if you want to. If you'd rather, you can create your own podcasts and then upload them to your podcast playlist. You can even record a podcast right from your cell phone directly to your podcast playlist. Then create other podcast playlists from your master podcast playlist.

How Can I Add Podcasts To Gcast?

There are a couple different ways to add a podcast to your Gcast site:
  • Upload - If you already have an audio file on your computer that you want to add to your podcast site you can upload it using Gcast's upload tool. This only takes a minute and is really easy to use.

  • GarageBand.com - From your Gcast podcast page you can go to GarageBand.com and download music created by emerging artists. When you find the music you want to add to your Gcast podcast playlist just click "Add to playlist" next to the song.

How Do I Create Podcasts With Gcast?

Creating your own podcasts can also be done a couple different ways:
  • Add By Phone - There's a toll free number listed on the Gcast Web site. Just call that number and start recording.

  • Upload and Audio File - All your favorite audio files can be added to your Gcast podcast playlist. Just upload them and add them.

  • Audacity - Use audio production software like Audacity. Audacity makes creating your own audio files easy.

How Do I Add My Podcasts To My Web Pages?

  1. First you'll need to sign up for an account with Gcast.

  2. Then you'll need to add a podcast of yours from your computer or phone.

  3. Under the box titled, "Listen to Your Podcast" click on the link that says, "Your Name's podcast" (for instance, mine says, "Linda's podcast").

  4. Under the box with the podcast you added will be a link that says, "Love this podcast? Add it to your blog or MySpace!". Click on this link.

  5. Choose what size you want your Gcast player.

  6. Select a color theme for your Gcast player.

  7. Decide if you want your audio file to auto play when the page is open or not and also if you want the audio file to play again once it's over.

  8. Copy the code from the box and paste it into the code on your Web site, blog or social networking site.
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Hard to keep up to date, Member helizond

This is good information for a newbie to get into podcasting; yet when it comes to the good stuff --how to put the podcast in your blog page-- we are left hanging in mid-space, since the guys in Gcast have changed the way things work... So you have to go back to their FAQ page and try to figure out how to do what this article was trying to show you in the first place! I think it would be good to show when this was posted, for as much as I tried I couldn't find the date, just to know how current it is (it might as well be referencing something in Geocities!), as well as keeping it updated. I really hope this will happen from now on. On the other hand, it just forces you to find out how to do it; I had already uploaded seven files and then I found out that things were not working as they were supposed to... there's no better teacher than 'must do it'. And then just to find out that the info in this page was actually taken from the FAQ, and that they have skipped a few steps, which was throwing off the directions in the first place.

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