1. Technology

Add Photos To Your Computer, Edit and Upload Photos To Your Web Site

Scanning photos to your computer, adding them with your digital camera or camera phone. Edit your photos to look the way you want. Then upload them to your Web site so you can put them on your Web site.
  1. Batch Resizing and Cropping

Tagging Blog Posts and Photos
Tagging is, simply put, keywords that help the search function of the site find your blog posts or photos. When you add tags to something you try to find words or phrases that describe that thing or that people would use while searching for that thing.

Scanning and Saving Photos - Scan Photos For Web Pages
If you don't have a digital camera then you may be at a loss as to how to get your photos onto your Web site. It's really very simple actually. All you need is a scanner or a photo scanner and a graphics or photo editing program along.

Resize Pictures and Graphics
Resize pictures if they are too big for the space you want to place them on your Web page. Resize pictures or you can crop them. If you want to focus on only one part of your picture, you can do that too. Learn how to resize pictures and crop your pictures with this short tutorial.

Cartoon Effect with your Photos and Photoshop
"Add cartoon effects to your photos with these free actions for Photoshop 6.0 and up."

10 Step Picture Prep Guide
Change your photos and other graphics to look the way you want them to look with these simple 10 steps.

How do I reduce the size of photos for online use?
"It's important to reduce the pixel dimensions and file size of image you will be using for email and the Web. These resources will help you get your pictures down to an appropriate size for online use."

Does Rotating Images Degrade Image Quality?
"Learn when rotating an image results in a loss of detail and how you can avoid it."

Image Slicing
"It's often debated whether or not slicing Web graphics actually makes them load faster. It can, but only when done properly. Learn the right way to slice for optimial performance, and see several examples of effective image slicing."

Make Your Photos Bigger With Minimal Loss in Quality
When you resize your photos or graphics you often get a blurry image or something unrecognizable. Here is how you can resize them without losing resolution.

Photo and Graphics Quiz - See What You Know!
This quiz will let you know how much you know about adding photos and graphics to your Web pages. There are 10 questions. Good Luck!

The Many Faces of Black & White
"In photography, Black & White photographs are actually shades of gray. In digital imaging these B&W images are called grayscale to differentiate them from black and white line art. Desaturation is another method that simulates grayscale, but it's not."

Top 7 Digital Camera Newbie Mistakes to Avoid
Digital photography brings with it a lot of freedom, but it also opens up a whole new world of technology that can be confusing to the newcomer. The resources in this article with help you overcome and avoid the most common digital camera newbie mistakes.

Two ways to straighten a skewed horizon in your photos
"If you have a picture that was taken with the camera tilted or scanned at an angle, Photoshop offers two tools to fix this quickly--the measure tool and the crop tool. Here are step-by step instructions for straightening a crooked photo or scan in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, plus a way to correct perspective at the same time."

Watermark your Photos for Copy Protection
"You can add a semi-transparent overlay to many images automatically when you use the Web Photo Gallery Creator feature in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements."

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