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Add banners, forums, counters, email forms, guestbooks, polls, news, cartoons, passwords and much more to your Web pages. Get online email to use with your site too.
  1. For Fun, Add Ons (42)
  2. Search Box (9)
  3. Polls and Surveys (3)
  4. Online Email (18)
  5. Email Forms (7)
  6. Guestbooks (5)
  7. Forums and Message Boards (14)
  8. Counters, Stats, Countdowns (10)
  9. Free Templates: Web Pages (19)
  10. Hacks for Profiles (30)
  11. Scripts: Free Copy & Paste (40)

Webfetti - Layouts, Graphics, Cursors and Smileys
Webfetti has layouts, graphics, cursors, smileys, gidgets and a lot more to enhance your website. There are even generators that let you create your own cool graphics, fancy text or videos and music. Change colors, choose special effects, add glitter, or add some games. There are so many things you'll find on Webfetti for your website, you may be there all day.

Add Toys To MySpace
Make your MySpace page even more fun by adding some toys to it. Add post it notes, fridge magnets, virtual pets and more to your MySpace page. It is really easy to add some toys to your MySpace page and it will give your visitors minutes of enjoyment.

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