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Facebook Guide is your indispensible companion for the world's largest social network.
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How to Use Facebook: Understanding Your Profile, Wall and News Feed
Learn the basics of how to use Facebook through this explainer on how to manage your profile and home page. You'll also learn what goes into your News Feed and onto your Facebook Wall.

Facebook Timeline Tutorial
Facebook Timeline provides a visual way to navigate all your activities on the social network in reverse chronological order. It's your public face on Facebook; this tutorial explains how to use it.

How Facebook Works
A basic tutorial for using Facebook, with explanations of the six key features of the social network that every user should know.

Facebook Advanced Search Tutorial
Using Facebook's advanced searching tools can be powerful if you understand how to phrase your searches. Here are some useful examples of filters and phrases you can use.

Facebook News Feed - How It Works
Facebook has changed its News Feed many times, and it remains core to the user experience on the world's largest social network. Learn the basic structure of the feed.

Editing Your Facebook Profile
Facebook's basic profile page can be confusing. Here's an illustrated guide showing how to edit all of the sections.

Use Facebook Unfollow To Tidy Your News Feed
Facebook offers a useful "Unfollow" feature that allows you to stop getting updates from selected friends without actually "defriending" them. They'll never know you've blocked their updates.

This is a comprehensive Facebook User Guide, with tutorials covering all aspects of the social network.

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