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Putting a Photo in a Facebook Comment


Photo Facebook comment

Adding a photo to a Facebook comment

It became easy to post a photo in a Facebook comment in June 2013 when the social network finally rolled out photo-commenting as a feature built into the comments box.

You can now make just a photo comment instead of the standard text caption, or post both a text comment and photo to illustrate it. Whatever photo you choose to upload will show up in the list of comments beneath the post to which it refers.

Previously, in order to add a photo to a comment, people had to upload a photo somewhere else on the Web and then insert the code to link to it into the comments box. Very kludgy!

Now the process requires no code. Just click the "comment" link beneath whatever you want to respond to, type any text commentary and click the small camera button to the far right of the comments box (as shown in the image above.)

The photo-commenting feature was one that Facebook users had sought for several years, especially after Twitter made it easy to post photos into tweets on its micro-messaging network.

It's an especially nice feature to have for birthday and other holiday wishes, since pictures often say more than words.

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