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Resize Pictures and Crop Them Too - Social Media - About.com
If you want to focus on only one part of your picture, you can do that too. Learn how to resize pictures and crop your pictures with this short tutorial.
Crop Pictures to Reduce File Size in PowerPoint
Crop your pictures before inserting into PowerPoint to reduce the overall file size.
Cropping Photos for Scrapbooking - About.com
Cropping Photos for Scrapbooking - Learn when and how to crop photos for scrapbooking.
How to Crop Photos for Use in Cards, Scrapbooks, Newsletters, and ...
It is seldom that you'll find a photograph that is ready to use in your page layout without some sort of editing. One basic way to modify images is to crop them ...
JPEGCrops - Free Tool for Quick Lossless Batch Cropping
JPEGCrops is free software to help you quickly rotate and crop multiple photos to standard photo sizes without loss of quality.
Batch Resize and Crop Photos - Software Tools and Tips
Tips and tools for batch resizing and cropping images. Quickly process many photos for posting on the Web, sending pictures by email, or cropping many ...
Use PowerPoint6 2010 Picture Tools to Crop Pictures
Crop the picture to remove unnecessary elements in the background of the photo .
Crop or cropping - Graphics Software Glossary
Cropping an image is the act of cutting away and discarding the uneccesary portions of the picture. Most photo editing applications include a crop tool for this  ...
Using the Crop Tool in Photoshop CS2
Learn all about working with the crop tool in Photoshop with this lesson. The crop tool in Photoshop can actually do much more than crop your images. The crop ...
Photo Cropping for Scrapbooking: Crop and Enlarge
Photo Cropping for Scrapbooking - Learn to select a section of your photo to crop and enlarge.
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