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Name Of Site: DAN FLOOD PTA invites you to Catch The Fever
Story By: Cyndy

Hello, my name is Cyndy. I bought a computer almost 3 years ago, and have used it for many things and so have my children. I liked to surf around and see all the information out there. I always thought, these people must me so smart, no "normal" person could do this stuff, certainly not a Mom. So for the almost 3 years I was happy thinking I was doing all I can online.

Well, one day I found this place About.com, and I started doing different searches on it. This one day, I thought I wonder what it takes to make a web page, it wouldn't hurt to look. Well, I came across this article by a Lin Roeder, about making your own personal web pages. I started reading and I thought, OH my God! this could be something a "normal" person could do! I can't believe all kinds of people have web pages, not just businesses.

So I emailed Lin, who by the way is a doll, and asked her for some links to more info and help. And she was kind enough to do so. I read and started playing around it. At first I did one on MS Word and I thought oh boy this is easy. ONLY because I thought well here it is, looks nice where's the magic button that puts it online? LOL But, there was no magic button I still had a lot to learn. I started to get discouraged, and emailed Lin again, then a friend of mine Karen, bought me this program MS Publisher 98. So I made yet another web page on that program. That one looked great too.

Then it was find a place to put my web page. There were so many different places. But I couldn't find one I liked that would let me put what I wanted on it. I wanted it for our school and I didn't want a lot of ads. Most are all templates and you have to use their graphics and things. So off I go to email Lin again, that poor girl, lol. She gave me some sites to look into, and I ended up on About.com. I was able to use a lot of Lin's info and she was very kind to show me where to get even more info as far as hooking graphics and stuff up.

And do you believe it, I HAVE A WEB PAGE! I did it for my children's school PTA, stuff for the kids like homework hotline and fun links, but also links for parents to check out. I haven't really told a lot of people yet, I guess I still can't believe it's up AND it works. But those that have visited it say it is great. They loved the links to ADHD and Internet Safety. The one Mom told me her son was so thrilled to actually see a picture of our school mascot on the site, (all I did was scan our school sweatshirt)!

So let me tell any of you out there who thought like me, us NORMAL people can do a site, even us MOMS! I don't know if it is OK with Lin, but if she wants to include my link to the site so you can see for yourself, it is fine with me. Oh and before I go THANK YOU AGAIN LIN and About.com! I would have given up if it weren't for the help.

If you want to tell your story and have it posted here email it to me.

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