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Spam Filters


You created a great personal Web site and set it up so people can send you email using the new email address given to you by your hosting service. A couple weeks later you get an email wanting to know if you want to buy Viagra, meet with someone special or make your sex life better.

Whether you have a personal Web site or not you probably get spam. There's nothing more annoying on the Internet today then spam. Everyone gets it and most if it is definitely not something I even want to read. You can can protect yourself from these sorts of malicious emails by using spam filtering software. Here are a couple for you to consider:

  • Mailwasher - This is my favorite. You download your email using Mailwasher, delete the spam, and then download what's left to your email program. Catches most spam without too many false positives. Also seems to catch virus'.

  • SpamAssassin - Free. Uses different tests to recognize spam.

  • Pop File - Classifies emails to filter them as spam or something else.

  • SpamPal - Uses a scoring system to identify spam and works seamlessly with many email programs.

  • K9 - Automatically classifies emails so you don't have to.

  • Spamihilator - Free. Works with your email client. Catches most spam. When I tried it, it was catching alot of false positives. Might not be a factor for you though.

  • More Spam Filters

definition: False Positive - A real email that has been caught by a spam filter by mistake.

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