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Turn a Photo or Graphic Into a Thumbnail

Add Thumbnails and Link To Graphics


If your hosting service does not have a file upload program to help you easily upload pages and graphics to your Web site then you will need to have an FTP client to upload them. The hosting service you are with should give you the settings you need to put into the FTP client so you can upload they files.

I suggest uploading your graphic or photos to a folder named "graphics" or "photos" so you can keep them separate from your pages and so you can find them easier when you need them. I like organizing pages and graphics using different folders. Keeps your site nice and neat so you can find whatever you are looking for quickly and so you don't have long lists of files that you have to comb through when you need something.

You will also need to upload the thumbnail to your hosting service. Consider putting it in a separate folder possibly called "thumbnail".

Now you will need the address of your graphic. Expample: Let's say you host your site at Geocities and your user name is "mysite". Your main graphic is in a folder called "graphics" and named "graphics.jpg". The thumbnail is called "thumbnail.jpg and is in a folder called "thumbnail". The address of your graphic would be http://www.geocities.com/mysite/graphics/graphics.jpg and the address of your thumbnail would be http://www.geocities.com/mysite/thumbnail/thumbnail.jpg.

All you need to do now is add a link to your thumbnail to your page and add a link to your graphic from your thumbnail. Some hosting service offer photo albums. All you have to do is follow their directions to add your photos to the pages.

If you prefer to use HTML to create your photo album you still don't have to start from scratch. Use a photo album template instead. Then all you have to do is add the links and you have a photo album.

If you are just linking to the graphic itself so that the main graphic will show up on your page then the code you need to use is this:

<img src="graphic.jpg"><br><strong>Text for Picture</strong>

Where you see graphic.jpg in this code you will change it to http://www.geocities.com/mysite/graphics/graphics.jpg or you can use the short form which looks like this /graphics/graphics.jpg. Then change where it says Text for Picture to whatever you want it to say under the picture.

If you are goint to use the thumbnails and link to the graphic from there then the code you will use will be a little different:

<a href="http://address_of_page.com">
<img src="http://address_of_graphic.gif" align="left" border="0"></a>

Where you see http://address_of_graphic.gif you add the address of your thumbnail. Where you see http://address_of_page.com you add the address of your graphic. Your page will show your thumbnail but will link to your graphic directly. When someone clicks on the thumbnail for the graphic they will be taken to the original.

You will now be able to link to more graphics on one page without bogging down the server causing your page to load slowly. This is not your only option for creating a photo album but it does give you a way to add a whole bunch of pictures to one page so people don't have to click through pages and pages of photos. They will also be able to choose which photos they want to see in regular size instead of having to see all of them if they don't wish to.

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