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Best of Home Webcams

Webcams of People at Home


There are hundreds maybe even thousands of personal webcams on the Internet. I have a listing of a small percentage of them right here on my site for you to view. Some of them are of people and some of them are of places all around the world.

Out of the personal people webcams that I have listed I have found 6 of them to be a great viewing experience. These were chosen because they are up to date and they update frequently. They also have information on the site itself about the person, or pet, who is being viewed. Some of them even have online diaries for you to read that are also kept updated.

Another thing I looked at when choosing great webcams were cams that were easy to view. There were some I turned down because they needed special software to view them or they had some sort of agreement page before the cam itself. That doesn't mean they are not great but it does mean they were not what I was looking for.

Here they are, the best of the best. I hope you enjoy these. If you know of a webcam that you think should be added let me know.

Giggle Cam - Watch Giggles and Marty on their 2 different Webcams. They also have lots of pics from their cams for you to look at when you can't find them. They add commentary to the pics so you can see what they were thinking or saying. There are jokes and a journal for you to read too. The cams are live but you can't see anything at night because it's too dark.

Cat Cam - Watch this precious little kitty in her favorite place. If you don't see the cat on the webcam you can go to the "recent images" page and see what she was up to recently.

Mick and Ray - ManFriends.com - See Mick and Ray on their 5 different webcams. One webcam is for guests, the other 4 are for members only. You will see them cooking, working and relaxing. They both work from home and the cams are on 24/7.

Skittles Cam - Skittles is a cat and you can see her as she plays around her house. There's one webcam here now but there will be another one soon. Also read Skittles' online diary to find out what she's up to.

The Nerdman Show - 6 home webcams and 12 work webcams for you to watch. If you don't see him at home check out his work cams. He's bound to be there somewhere. These webcams are updated every 20 seconds, 24 hours a day.

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