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Free Web Site Hosting by Angelfire

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Find out what the Angelfire free Web hosting service has to offer you. Angelfire has been offering free Web hosting for many years and they keep getting better. Try Angelfire for your Free Web hosting.

What's Free?

  • Amount of Space - 20MB

  • Blog - Yes

  • Photo Album - Yes

  • Clip Art Gallery - Yes

  • Other Free Features -
    - Site building tools and file management tools.
    - Free desktop blog editor.

Site Creation

  • Easy Site Creator - Yes

  • Templates - Yes

  • HTML Editor - Yes

  • Themes - Yes

  • Design Help / Tutorials - Yes

Uploading Files

  • File Upload Tool - Yes

  • FTP - Yes

What Else They Offer

  • Amount of space (range) - 25MB thru 150MB

  • Price (range) - $4.95 thru $14.95

  • Domain Hosting - Yes

  • Email (address/hosting) - Yes
User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Hyderabad Biryani, Member technomaster

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