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3 Column Page and Basic Page Templates

Intro To Template Web Pages


These Web page templates were created by me for you to use. Just highlight the whole template, copy it and paste it into your text editor or Web page editor.

3 Column Template

This template gives you three columns. The column on the right and the column on the left are places where you can put links to other Web sites. I like to put links to other pages on my site on the left side of the template and links to other Web sites that are related to the subject of the page on the right side of the template.

The center column is for your content. It's your page so you can do anything you want here. This is where you can be creative. Write about your family, something you are interested in, tell about your Web site or yourself or anything you want.

See What The Template Looks Like

Basic Simple Template

This is a simple, very basic Web page template. If you are a beginner, just starting out, then this template is for you. There is only one column. The one thing this template has that the first one does not is meta tags. These are important for search engine placement. You are welcome to copy/past the metatags onto your other template if you are using a different one.

See What The Template Looks Like

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